The Telcoin App

The Telcoin App is your mobile access point to the entire suite of user-owned Telcoin products, including a fast and affordable fiat remittance portal and a digital wallet on the Polygon Network. Simply download the Telcoin App on your smartphone and begin Sending Money Smarter.

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Welcome to the Telcoin App


Store compliant digital assets (ERC20 digital currencies) on the Polygon Network, including Telcoin (TEL).


Purchase USDC using your bank account (US users), deposit digital assets on the Polygon Network.


Trade digital assets on the Polygon Network using DeFi swap protocols for fast and affordable transactions.


Send fiat remittances to 16 countries (and growing), send supported digital assets to anyone with the Telcoin App.


Receive fiat remittances from the United States and Canada, receive supported digital assets from anyone with the Telcoin App.

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Remittances Reimagined

The Telcoin App reimagines remittances for a digital, globally connected world. Send money to friends and family across the globe for 2% or less in total fees*. Send and receive supported digital assets for 0.1% or less in total fees**.

*Target cost when sending a US$200 or equivalent remittance. Please note that fees are calculated based on real time foreign exchange rates. Actual cost may vary depending on the recipient's country and selected cash-out method.

** Target when sending US$200 worth of digital assets. Actual cost may vary depending on network (gas) fees and does not include any cash-out fees.

Andrea sends $200 USD from the United States to the Philippines. She pays with her bank account.

Michael receives 10,152.20 Philippine Pesos. He cashes out with GCash, his local fiat wallet.

Send money to 16 countries and counting with the Telcoin App

Telcoin works with telecom and mobile money providers globally, enabling direct connections to trusted platforms that are already used by millions.

The Telcoin App now supports fiat remittance from Canada and the United States to 16 countries. Use your bank account to send to the following countries/mobile money platforms (additional corridors coming soon).

Send money fromVia

Bank Account


Bank Account

Receive money inTo Mobile Money
El Salvador
Sri Lanka

Secure your assets and save money on Polygon

Deposit, send, receive, withdraw, and trade a variety of digital assets using the Telcoin App.
The Telcoin App uses decentralized TELx liquidity pools to send and receive digital assets, where TELx liquidity providers earn transaction fees traditionally awarded to financial institutions, like banks or money changers. Interested in becoming a TELx liquidity provider? Learn how to here.

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Download the Telcoin App today and begin Sending Money Smarter