Telcoin Community Update, Volume 9

Dear Telcoin Community, It has been a dramatic time in our young industry, and I wanted to remind everyone of where Telcoin stands in the context of the current market — and why I believe we will emerge in a very strong position when the dust settles. Re...


An Introduction to TELx Generalized Incentives

Generalized Incentives is a new TELx liquidity mining policy which incorporates diversity and time-based multipliers into a miner’s total liquidity and share of incentives across a growing list of eligible markets. The objective of generalized incentives ...


Telcoin Community Update, Volume 8

Dear Telcoin Community, We are very excited to announce the release of V3.1 of the Telcoin App, which introduces DeFi crypto trading for a limited number of assets. At the heart of Telcoin’s mission is the effort to make DeFi accessible. This means makin...


Telcoin Community Update, Volume 7

A year in crypto can feel like multiple years compared to traditional markets, or to be precise, a crypto year is actually more like 5.347 years in the legacy world (annual core NYSE/Nasdaq trading hours = 252 days x 6.5 hours = 1,638 hours, versus annual...


Industry Veterans Join Telcoin Leadership Team

Today we’re thrilled to announce Rajesh Sabari as Chief Commercial Officer and Tim Mahota as Chief Compliance Officer at Telcoin! Rajesh Sabari, a Telcoin advisor since 2017, has formally joined the company as Chief Commercial Officer. Rajesh is a season...


Telcoin V3.0 FAQs

We put together an FAQ document with answers to all of your V3.0 related questions. If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please reach out in the community channel. Thank you! A: No, presently, you cannot transfer TEL tokens from an...


Telcoin 3.0 Update

Telcoin V3 is a foundational upgrade to the Telcoin landscape. It enables users to participate across multiple-levels of the Telcoin Platform stack in order to access and provide every mobile phone user in the world with fast and affordable, user-owned, d...


Telcoin Community Update, Volume 6

Dear Telcoin community, I speak for everyone at Telcoin when I say we are absolutely thrilled to be releasing the application layer of V3 of the Telcoin Platform today. With anticipation reaching a fever pitch as the greater digital asset market reaches ...


TELx Q3 Recap

The launch of V3 on June 30th formalized TELx as the platform’s liquidity engine, decentralizing execution, settlement, and delivery to users across a network of Polygon-native, self-custodial decentralized financial markets. TELxchange and the SMS Netwo...


Former Kraken product lead joins Telcoin

Ryan Tully brings a wealth of experience in both the cryptocurrency and traditional finance space as Telcoin’s new Head of Product. Today we are excited to announce that Ryan Tully has joined the Telcoin team as Head of Product! Ryan comes to us from le...


Moralis Academy

What is Telcoin and the TEL Token?

Since launching Telcoin V3, the TEL token and TELx decentralized liquidity engine have seen a huge surge in adoption. With the intuitive mobile Telcoin Application, the project is laying the foundations to ameliorate the slow and expensive legacy remittance industry. To achieve this, Telcoin operates a multi-layer application stack with full user-ownership. Moreover, the native TEL token is vital to the operations and security of the platform. Plus, TEL token holders receive numerous opportunities to support the network and make a passive income.



News Channel Nebraska

Digital bank picks Norfolk for first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency business

NORFOLK - Telcoin is coming to Norfolk. And they’re bringing with them a chance for northeast Nebraskans to have a local connection to cryptocurrency. Company officials say they see it as a chance for residents to take control of their finances. “The technology allows you to say to a consumer that we can look like a bank on the front-face,” said Telcoin founder and chairman Paul Neuner. “But the reality is that we’re helping you self-custody your assets and put your own money to work as opposed to surrendering that right to a bank.”