The Telcoin Platform

The Telcoin Platform employs a multi-level architecture, composed of an application layer (the Telcoin app), a liquidity engine (TELx), and a settlement network (Telcoin Network). Powered and coordinated by the TEL token, these parts combine to form the Telcoin suite of mobile-based, user-owned, decentralized financial products.

Telcoin's Mission

To provide every mobile phone user in the world with access to high quality, user-owned financial products.

Platform Goals

Self-custodial financial products empowered by Mobile Network Operators globally.

Globally adopted, self-sustaining financial infrastructure which scales to meet the demands of a global user base.

Empowers everyone with a mobile phone, regardless of capital and technical sophistication, to access products, add value and earn incentives. 

Telcoin (TEL)

Native Asset

Telcoin’s native token, TEL, is used as the unit of account and medium of exchange across every layer of the platform, as the liquidity bridge connecting users to products across TELx, and as the native gas and staking token securing Telcoin Network.

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The Telcoin App

Application Layer

The Telcoin App provides end users with compliant, mobile-based access to the Telcoin Platform and its suite of decentralized products. It is full stack, featuring traditional banking rails, a multi-signature Ethereum wallet, and an intuitive interface connecting users to TELx powered use cases through the comfort of their mobile device.

  • Token exchange
  • Domestic payments and international remittances (crypto and fiat)
  • Fiat to crypto on and off ramps
  • KYC/AML: compliance and identity verification
  • Secure self-custody of assets
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Liquidity Engine

TELx is a network of automated DeFi markets, enabling the Telcoin suite of self-custodial, decentralized financial products to execute automatically without intermediaries or custodians at a fraction of the cost of traditional services. Today, TELx is composed of a wide variety of decentralized exchange markets which serve as the liquidity engine powering decentralized remittances and digital asset exchange for Telcoin App users.

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Telcoin Network

Settlement Network

Telcoin Network is an Ethereum side chain validated by GSMA member Mobile Network Operators. Telcoin Network provides fast, secure, credibly neutral transaction settlement for the Telcoin ecosystem. It is currently in development.

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