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Telcoin leverages blockchain technology to provide access to low-cost, high-quality decentralized financial products for every mobile phone user in the world. Telcoin is a global company founded in 2017.

Fast and affordable decentralized financial products for every mobile phone user in the world

Telcoin is partnered with mobile network operators and mobile money platforms globally to bring fast and affordable DeFi products to international communities.

With more than 5.2 billion active subscribers globally, telecoms have the largest captive audience of retail users that are ready and willing to use mobile financial services in their daily lives. This is evidenced by the rapid growth of mobile money platforms, which now exceed 1.2 billion users generating over US$2 billion in daily transaction volume.

DeFi (decentralized finance) has revolutionized finance by enabling the creation of user-owned, automated, non-custodial applications accessible to anyone with an internet connection. DeFi transactions execute in code rather than through intermediary institutions, lowering costs and returning fees to users that provide liquidity or other services to the platform.

Telcoin is designed to complement telecom, mobile money, and e-wallet partners globally with both traditional fiat and blockchain transaction rails that underpin our fast and affordable digital financial service offerings. Telcoin combines the best parts of the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem with our compliance-first approach to each market, ensuring that the company takes on a fraction of traditional financial counterparty, execution, and custody risks.

Our Global Presence

Telcoin is regulated as a major payment institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Telcoin is also registered and regulated in a number of other global markets, including the United States, Canada, and Australia, and maintains primary offices in Singapore, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. Telcoin has been an active member of the GSMA since February 2018.

Telcoin Co Ltd
Tokyo, Japan
Telcoin LLC
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Telcoin Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telcoin LLC
Hong Kong
Telcoin Inc
Norfolk, NE, USA
Telcoin Pte Ltd
Telcoin Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
Telcoin Europe UAB
Vilnius, Lithuania
Telcoin Limited
London, UK
Telcoin Financial Services Ltd
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Telcoin regular business hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, on all business days, in the jurisdiction of each location.

Telcoin Remittances

Telcoin’s initial consumer-facing product, Telcoin Remittances, focuses on high-speed, low-cost digital money transfers to mobile money platforms and e-wallets worldwide. Telcoin Remittances connect with telecom, mobile money, and e-wallet partners globally to make sending and receiving money convenient, affordable, and secure.

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Telcoin’s globally-distributed team includes professionals with vast experience in telecom, blockchain, technology, finance, and other key industries.

Paul Neuner
Chief Executive Officer
Rajesh Sabari
Chief Commercial Officer
Stephanie DaSilva
Chief Compliance Officer & Global MLRO
Tim Mahota
General Counsel
Parker Spann
EVP, Strategy and Business Development
Jeff Quigley
EVP, Business Development & Communications
Rick Schendel
VP, Finance
Ryan Tully
VP, Product
Will Myers
VP, Engineering
David Stuart
VP, Operations
Dan Blackband
VP, Compliance Operations
Josh Worley
VP, Design
John Hobbs
Head of Human Resources
Natsumi Bolton
Head of Regional Operations (APAC)
Yurina Kurosu
Executive Administration
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