Financial inclusion for a mobile world.

A cryptocurrency distributed by your mobile operator and accepted everywhere.


Introducing Telcoin, our mobile cryptocurrency solution

Telcoin is focused on connecting with mobile networks globally, enabling easy conversion between telecom mobile money, prepaid credit and postpaid billing platforms.

Issued by telecom operators

Telcoin will be exclusively distributed by GSMA mobile network operators.

Available worldwide

By partnering with telcos, we are bringing Telcoin to 5 billion mobile users.

Built on a solid foundation

Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Telcoin inherits the strength of a trusted network.


How it works

A wallet-agnostic ERC20 token issued by telecoms

Our model is simple: We will distribute Telcoin to mobile networks according to the incentive model below, and they will sell it to their subscribers


A solid model for telecom adoption

Telcoin issuance to telcos will occur at a rate of 5% annually for a period of 10 years following the ICO, distributed to GSMA mobile networks continuously based their stage of Telcoin integration.

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Incentivized adoption

Connecting to Telcoin will make an operator immediately qualify to receive continuous Telcoin issuance. Networks with more Telcoin exchange traffic will receive more.

Flexible Telco API

The Telcoin pricing and exchange API allows interaction with mobile network IN prepaid platforms, postpaid billing systems, and mobile money accounts, via SMS, USSD, REST APIs, and Diameter.

Wallet agnostic

We will immediately offer the TenX wallet, but will also help telecoms release branded Telcoin wallets and will cooperate with any operator proprietary or third-party wallets.

Truly mobile-friendly

Telcoin is designed to be fully integrated with your mobile spending habits, including international remittances, online payments, mobile credit topups and ad hoc transfers.

Reimagining remittances on the blockchain

Telcoin will initially focus on the remittance market, currently dominated by large players like Western Union:

$500B Market

International Remittances are a gigantic and growing market that Telcoin believes is ripe for disruption.

5 Billion phones and growing

By partnering with mobile operators we will be in a unique position to reach an enormous amount of potential customers.

Low fees

By coupling the power of cryptocurrency and telecoms, we can afford to provide very cheap transfers, which will allow us to gain market share.

The Telcoin roadmap is not limited to remittances. We will leverage our positioning to bring roaming spending (offer tourists access to local currency spending), international aid (facilitating disbursements to underbanked), and online payments in general.

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Telcoin Interviews


Telecoms and cryptocurrencies are at the core of our DNA

Our founding team has years of experience working with mobile operators. The Telcoin team forms a unique blend of tech, finance, and telecom business talent.

The Telcoin team


Claude Eguienta

Co Founder, CEO

Distributed systems and crypto background. Founded Kabotip.

Paul Neuner

Co Founder, Chairman

Mobile telecom fraud management background. Founded Mobius.
Simo Kinnunen
Lead Developer

Full-stack programmer, former CyberAgent, Rust expert.
Adam Kull
Mobile Lead

KTH Graduate. Former Tantan iOS Dev Lead.
Naïm Boughazi
Product Director

Expert UI/UX designer with an MS in CompSci.
Yacine Farouk
Marketing Director

Led campaigns for Parrot, Sony, Nike & Jordan.
Nobusuke Matsuoka
BizDev - Telecom

20 yrs telco consulting. Nokia, Softbank, etc.
Alix Zerd
BizDev - Crypto

Former LINE game business development.
Eric Chung
Executive Director

Business & Corporate Development, Design, Strategy, Adtech.
Christopher Rizanow
Community Manager

Smart Contracts & Blockchain researcher.

Selected advisors

Michimasa Naka
28 Years in Banking. CEO Boardwalk Capital. Founded Stormharbour Japan. Former Co-CEO Citibank Japan. Led financing of Vodafone Japan.
Toby Hoenisch
CEO and Co-Founder at TenX, the most advanced cryptocurrency wallet on Android. Raised $80M USD in the fifth largest ICO to date.
Jeff Quigley
Partner at Red Door Ventures. Former SEA Regional Manager at Fenox Venture Capital and former Chief Editor at Tech in Asia Japan.
Rajesh Sabari
Head of Partnerships at MasterCard Advisors APAC. Former Head APAC Sales for Amdocs, the largest telecom billing system in the world.
Chris Suh
Six years in Finance and Capital Management in Royal Bank of Canada, ten years at Goldman Sachs in liquidity and treasury.
Batara Eto
Co-founded Mixi, Founder and managing partner of East Ventures.
Matthew McGuire
Former COO Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Mark Bivens
Partner at Truffle Capital, founded financial inclusion non-profits in Africa.
David Morrow
Former Corporate Security Executive at Vodafone, designed Mpesa security.

Get in touch
+81 50 5806 0884

Tenoha Lab 2F, Daikanyama-cho 20-23
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0034 JAPAN

Give us a call or drop by anytime. We strive to answer all email enquiries within one business day.

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